Laser Egg Series: Device Comparison

Our Laser Egg products are designed to help you understand your indoor air quality and to help empower you to take the necessary steps to protect the air you breathe.

We currently offer three products:

The Laser Egg measures key air quality factors, such as PM2.5 or fine dust, temperature, and humidity. It also includes Apple HomeKit and IFTTT integration to automate your home when pollution levels spike. You can also pair with Kaiterra's Live Air App to customize your product, access outdoor air quality data, and receive notifications for when pollutant levels rise.

Carrying over all these features, the Laser Egg+ Chemical offers a key upgrade of a built-in TVOC sensor for harmful chemicals. In contrast, the Laser Egg+ CO2 measures carbon dioxide concentrations, so you can optimize your space.

How is a Laser Egg+ CO2 different from a Laser Egg+ Chemical?

All of our Laser Eggs measure PM2.5, along with your indoor room temperature and humidity. However, the Laser Egg+ CO2 additionally measures carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations in your home, while a Laser Egg+ Chemical measures volatile organic compounds (VOCs) concentrations. Read more about the differences between CO2 and VOCs on our blog.

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** Update **

We’ve changed the names of some of our products to clarify their functions.

LE renaming table