Where can I find the UDID of the Sensedge Mini?

You can use our Enterprise Configuration Tool to find the UDID of your Sensedge Mini. Your device has to be connected to a power supply. You will also need a computer or smartphone with Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities to complete the process. 

  • Download the Kaiterra Enterprise Configuration Tool and install it on your computer or smartphone.
  • Remove the front panel of your Kaiterra Sensedge Mini, and turn on the device using the ON/OFF switch. If the device is already on, turn the device off and back on to enable configuration mode.
  • Configuration Mode will generate a Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) for the Sensedge Mini. Use your computer or smartphone to connect to the Wi-Fi AP starting with "Kaiterra".
    • If you are using a smartphone, please note: some smartphones will indicate that the Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) has no Internet connection. It may also ask if you want to stay connected to this Wi-Fi signal. Please press "Yes" / "Stay Connected", otherwise, you will not be able to successfully connect to the device.
  • Open the Configuration Tool, and click the “Configure” button in the center of the screen. The device's basic information will appear on the screen, including the UDID of the device.
  • If you have used your computer or smartphone to configure the device before, the UDID will be saved on the Kaiterra Enterprise Configuration Tool. Click on the "More Options" tab in the top-left-hand corner, followed by "History" to display every device you have configured on this computer/smartphone.
    • From here, you can either copy the UDID or use the "More Options" button in the bottom right-hand corner to add the device (or a series of devices) to your Web App via "Link to Web App".

For more information, please refer to our video tutorial on how to Connect and Configure your Sensedge Mini.