Kaiterra Square Wi-Fi Pairing Guide

This guide is to walk you through the tools and steps to connect your Kaiterra Square monitor to your Wi-Fi network.

Required Tools:

  1. 100-230V AC power supply
  2. Kaiterra Square Air Quality Monitor(s)
  3. A Wi-Fi network
  4. A Wi-Fi enabled PC
  5. A sharp pin
  6. A cross screwdriver
  7. Electrical tape or other protection measures, such as a standard 86 box
  8. Kaiterra Configuration Tool

Wi-Fi Pairing Procedures:

  1. Connect the monitor to the 100-230V AC power supply and make sure the protection is sufficient against potential electrical shocks. For detailed instructions on wiring, please refer to our Wiring and Installation Guide.
  2. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. Install and start the Kaiterra Configuration Tool on your computer.
  3. Remove the front panel of your Kaiterra Square, and use the sharp pin to push the ON/OFF button, until the red indicator light blinks once.
    SQ-Control Panel-EN
  4. Connect your computer to the Wi-Fi network starting with "Kaiterra" that has now appeared.
    Wi-fi access point
  5. Open the Configuration Tool on your computer. The UDID of the device will be displayed and can be copied or saved from this page.

    Square Details


    The UDID is the unique identifier of your device, and you will need the UDID to connect your device to the Kaiterra dashboard to see your data. For detailed instructions on how to connect your device to the dashboard, please view our Dashboard Setup Guide.

  6. In the main window, select your network type: DHCP/STATIC, and enter your network information. For example, for DHCP:
    1. Enter the SSID of the Wi-Fi network you would like to connect your monitor to;
    2. Select your network security protocol by entering the number (0~5) for that protocol. For example, enter “4” for WPA2.
    3. Enter the correct password for your network.
      Square WiFi-1
  7. You can also configure your Modbus address, AQI standards, and pollutants to include AQI calculation in the pairing tool:
    1. Enter a number between 1 and 247 for your Modbus address, ONLY if you would like to use Modbus for communication.
    2. Choose the AQI standard you would like to use for Modbus communication. Ignore this setting if you would like to use Wi-Fi only.
    3. Choose which pollutant you would like to include in the AQI calculation (for Modbus only).
      Square Modbus AQI
  8. Make sure all your information is correct, and then click “Configure device”. If the Wi-Fi pairing is successful, you will receive a notification in the window. If the pairing fails, please double-check your Internet connection and try again. You can also contact your sales representative or customer support team for help.

To learn more about how to connect your Kaiterra Square to the Kaiterra dashboard and view your data, please view our Dashboard Setup Guide