How to Disable Wi-Fi Radio Signals for the Sensedge Mini

This article summarizes how to fully disable any Wi-Fi radio signals from emitting from the Sensedge Mini.

In rare scenarios, you may be installing your Sensedge Mini in a building/environment that does not allow any Wi-Fi Radio Signals from being broadcast. If this is the case for your installation, you need to consider two (2) features of the Sensedge Mini that must be disabled to prevent any Wi-Fi radio signals from being broadcast:

  • The Wireless Access Point (AP) and
  • The "Disable Wi-Fi" setting

The Wireless Access Point (AP)

By default, the Sensedge Mini emits a Wireless Access Point (AP; sometimes referred to as a Wi-Fi Access Point) signal whenever it is turned on. This Wireless AP is how the device can be accessed by the Kaiterra Enterprise Configuration Tool to configure the device.

To disable this, follow the steps in the following article:
How to Disable Configuration Mode for the Sensedge Mini.

The "Disable Wi-Fi" setting

Disable Wi-Fi(2)To Disable Wi-Fi on a brand new Sensedge Mini, check off the "Disable Wi-Fi" setting when using the Kaiterra Enterprise Configuration Tool.

This will prevent the Wi-Fi card from attempting to connect to any Wi-Fi signals, and will also prevent your installer from accidentally filling out any Wi-Fi credentials (as they will disappear from the Configuration Tool options once this is checked off).

Note: If your device was previously configured to a Wi-Fi network, you will want to remove the Wi-Fi credentials from the configuration, then check off "Disable Wi-Fi".

Then proceed with the steps below.

Once you have also "Disabled Configuration Mode" and pressed the "Configure Device" button, allow the device to receive its new configuration -- it should take no more than 5 minutes.

For reference: if you were configuring the device to a network, it can take up to 5 minutes for a first-time connection -- please provide the same amount of time here.

Once that time has passed, power cycle the device by turning it off, waiting ~10 seconds, then turning it back on. This will ensure that the device is using its new configuration settings -- with both the Wireless AP and Wi-Fi settings disabled/removed.

Note: the final "check" would be to see if the Wireless Access Point (AP) still appears. If it does, go through the same steps listed above to ensure a proper disabling of the Wireless AP and Wi-Fi settings.


If you continue to run into issues, contact our support team.