How to Disable Configuration Mode for the Sensedge Mini

By default, the Sensedge Mini emits a Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) signal whenever it is turned on. This Wi-Fi AP is how the device can be accessed by the Kaiterra Enterprise Configuration Tool in order to configure the device.

However, in scenarios where you want to prevent the Access Point from appearing -- such as when you want to prevent unauthorized access to the device -- you can Disable Configuration Mode on the device, which will prevent the Wi-Fi AP from appearing on a power cycle.

Note: disabling the Wi-Fi Access Point from appearing will prevent you from being able to re-configure the device. If you need to re-configure the device after this has been disabled, you will need to use the RESET Pinhole Button to remove the setting -- allowing your device to broadcast its Access Point once again.

To disable the Wi-Fi Access Point:

  1. Power cycle the Sensedge Mini and connect to the device using the Kaiterra Enterprise Configuration Tool.
  2. Select the "Configure" tab and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Check the box that says "Disable Configuration Mode".
  4. Press "Configure Device".

Disable configuration mode