Where can I find the UDID of the Kaiterra Square?

You can use the Kaiterra Enterprise Configuration Tool to find the UDID of your Kaiterra Square. Your device has to be connected to a power supply. You will also need a sharp pin and a computer or smartphone with Wi-Fi compatibility to complete the process. 

  • Download the Kaiterra Enterprise Configuration Tool and install it on your computer or smartphone.
  • Remove the front panel of your Kaiterra Square, and use the sharp pin to push the reset button for 10 seconds, until the red indicator light blinks once.
    Indicator light
  • Connect your computer or smartphone to the Wi-Fi network starting with "Kaiterra" that has now appeared.
    Wi-fi access point
  • Open the Configuration Tool and click "Configure". The UDID of the device will be displayed and can be copied or saved from this page.