What Servers and Ports does the Sensedge Mini need to connect to?

There are 4 essential servers and ports the Sensedge Mini needs to connect to. Please refer to the chart below to understand what each server/port does and what might happen if the device cannot connect to that server/port.

Note: all of these connections are outbound only.

Server Name Server URL Server Port Why is this server/port important?
MQTT Server




The MQTT server is how our devices properly communicate data to our Kaiterra Web App (and cloud). Without communication with this server, your devices will not be able to upload their data to the Web App.

Note: when troubleshooting blocked networks, this is the most common server/port that is unreachable by the device -- so make sure this server/port can be reached on the building's network!

API Server



443 The API server is how our devices can provide the data via our API. Without proper communication to this server, the data may be unavailable via the API + can also cause problems with the Kaiterra Web App.
Firmware Server



Firmware version 2.4.6 = 443


Firmware version older than 2.4.6 = 80

The Firmware server is how our devices check, download, and install firmware updates (in order to keep the device up-to-date against bugs, enhance features, improve security, etc.). Without access to the firmware server, the device will not be able to check for any firmware updates.

While this "should not" impact the functionality of the device, we highly recommend keeping this server/port reachable in the network so we can keep the device up-to-date.

NTP Server




The NTP server is how our devices avoid "time drift" -- aka. making sure the device's internal clock remains accurate. When the device's internal clock drifts, it causes the reported data points to drift as well, which can cause readings to be inaccurate and, when enough drift has occurred, break the dataflow entirely.

Even though it seems minimal, this server/port is essential for the long-term functionality of the device. Please make sure our NTP server is reachable within the network.

.cn servers are for devices in Mainland China.
.com servers are for the rest of the world.