How to do a CO2 or TVOC Baseline Reset on the Sensedge Mini

Please note: the "Reset Baseline" function for the Sensedge Mini should only be used after you have confirmed that it should be done by our support team. Resetting the baseline will impact readings when done incorrectly, so please contact our support team first if you are having unusual CO2 or TVOC readings and you think a baseline reset might help.

There are times when the CO2 or TVOC sensor in our products starts to provide unusually high (or, in the case of CO2, unusually low) readings. More often than not, these readings can be justified: high TVOC readings at certain hours of the day could correlate with a cleaning crew disinfecting the office or someone spraying perfume nearby -- and high CO2 readings could be the result of a meeting taking place and all of the doors/windows in the conference room being shut.

However, there may be times when these readings are constantly high -- or, in the case of CO2, it's well below the 400ppm atmospheric baseline, which should not be possible. When these situations occur, we have a function called "Reset Baseline", which will help reset the baseline of the sensor in order to fix this issue.

Please only conduct a baseline reset when directed by our support team as they will know if/when this should be done. Doing a baseline reset without their instruction may impact the readings of the sensors, so only do so when our team has instructed you to do so.

To conduct a CO2 or TVOC baseline reset on the Sensedge Mini, please do the following:

  • Power cycle the Sensedge Mini by turning it off and back on. This will enable the device's Configuration Mode, allowing you to connect to the device using the Kaiterra Enterprise Configuration Tool (which was used to configure the device the first time).
  • Connect to the Sensedge Mini using the Kaiterra Enterprise Configuration Tool and navigate to the "Configure" tab.
  • At the very bottom of this page, there are two buttons in the System section: "Reset TVOC Baseline" and "Reset CO2 Baseline".
    Reset Baseline
  • When either of these buttons is pressed, a warning will pop up, letting you know that resetting the baseline of this sensor may impact the readings of your device. Click "Reset Baseline" to continue.
  • Once pressed, the button will turn into a checkmark, indicating that the command will be sent to the device to reset its TVOC/CO2 baseline after the configuration has been completed.
    Reset Baseline Confirmed
  • Click "Configure Device".

When "Configure Device" is pressed, the Sensedge Mini will now receive the command that you would like to reset its (in this example) CO2 baseline value. When resetting either baseline value, please make sure the area is well-ventilated and that no large CO2 or TVOC events occur during this time (such as perfumes, disinfectants, or a highly crowded meeting taking place).

You will also want to give the sensors a couple of days in order to properly readjust their readings -- as the readings immediately after a baseline reset won't be accurate until the sensor is exposed to its environment for a set amount of time. We normally recommend 7 days before these readings can be fully accurate, but, in most cases, you will start to see normal readings again after 1-3 days.

If you were instructed by our support team to conduct a baseline reset and, after a full week of observation, the devices are still experiencing abnormally high or low readings, please contact our support team again and they will be happy to analyze your data further.