How do I reset my Laser Egg?

Reset your Laser Egg to clear all settings and preferences.

If you believe your Laser Egg is not acting normally, resetting your device may help.

Locate the Mode button at the top of your Laser Egg. Hold the Mode button for 8 seconds until you see a prompt on the front display to ‘Factory Reset.’ Confirm by pressing Mode button once more. Your Laser Egg should automatically restart, indicating that the Factory Reset is complete.

Once you’ve reset your Laser Egg, re-connect it to your Live Air App by tapping Add or ‘+’ icon to begin the setup process. Follow the steps as provided.

All your historical data is stored on Kaiterra’s servers, and can be accessed in the app again once your Laser Egg is connected to Wi-Fi.

Please note that resetting your Laser Egg will not restore its original firmware version.