Can the Laser Egg be used outdoors?

The Laser Egg can measure outdoor air pollution. It is being used in a number of locations around the globe to measure air quality outdoors, by individuals, governments and schools.

That said, the device has not been designed as an "outdoor monitor" and is not waterproof or weather-proof. If you do use the Laser Egg outdoors, it is very important that it is placed in a protected environment, where the elements cannot cause damage to the device.

Traveling with the Laser Egg

The Laser Egg is lightweight and portable, making it an ideal size for traveling. There is a 2200mAh Lithium battery inside the Laser Egg. When flying, the Laser Egg must, therefore, be carried in carry-on baggage, and not placed within checked baggage.

Remember to update the Wi-Fi credentials if you want to connect your Laser Egg to the Kaiterra app.