What is the Laser Egg?

The Laser Egg is a smart air quality monitor that gives you the insights to take control of your indoor air quality. It features advanced sensing technology for key factors affecting your air, such as PM2.5 (or fine dust), temperature, humidity, VOCs (only with the Laser Egg+ Chemical), and carbon dioxide (only with the Laser Egg+ CO2) that can potentially be dangerous to our health. 

The easy-to-read monitor lets you instantly identify sources of pollution, know when to turn on your air purifier, and even help automate your appliances. The Laser Egg also connects with Kaiterra's Live Air app for more convenience and control, like alerts for when pollution spikes in your home.

Is the Laser Egg an air purifier?

One important point to keep in mind is that the Laser Egg is not an air purifier. While it delivers powerful insights into your air, it does not filter air. If you find that your indoor air is polluted, we recommend utilizing an air purifier alongside your Laser Egg to optimize your indoor space. 

Which pollutants can I monitor with my Laser Egg?

We currently offer three Laser Eggs: the Laser Egg, Laser Egg+ Chemical, and Laser Egg+ CO2. All three measure particulate matter, but the Laser Egg+ Chemical also measures TVOC, and the Laser Egg+ CO2 measures carbon dioxide. For a detailed breakdown of what parameters each Laser Egg measures, check out our device comparison!

How many devices does my home need?

The air in a single indoor space tends to be quite uniform.

For example, if the door to your bedroom is closed, the air inside your bedroom will be quite similar throughout. One monitor will often be enough for this space.

When you get into areas with multiple rooms, air quality can vary substantially. Therefore the number of devices your home needs depends on the number of rooms you wish to continuously monitor at the same time.

Battery Life

With a rechargeable, 2200mAh Lithium battery, your Laser Egg has up to eight hours of battery life. 

To prolong the battery life, you may turn the ‘LCD off’ on your Laser Egg by pressing the Mode button until you reach that screen. For continuous monitoring, we recommend that you keep your Laser Egg plugged in and charged with the micro-USB charging cord. Normal indoor use will also help maintain battery health.

Caring for your Laser Egg

  • The Laser Egg has been designed so that it doesn't need recalibration over time.
  • The design of the airflow inside is optimized to reduce dust accumulation.
  • The optics are all designed to last for over 30,000 hours
  • The Laser Egg has an "economy mode" that is enabled when the device sits still for 15 minutes, at which point the measurement interval is adjusted, thus doubling the lifetime of the sensor.

We've done all this so that the Eggs don't need recalibration, and they work well over the span of several years.

We put all the devices we develop through a series of lifetime tests, where they go through extreme conditions and incredibly high levels of pollution so that we can be sure the sensors don't drift over time. If your Laser Egg has been exposed to extremely high concentrations of pollutants, you may want to blow some compressed air in the back, similar to how a keyboard can be cleaned, but you will not need to do anything more than that to maintain the accuracy of the sensors.

If you have any questions about your Laser Egg and its accuracy please reach out to us here. Our Support Team is happy to help!

Where can I buy the Laser Egg?


United States | www.amazon.com/kaiterra; https://shop-usa.kaiterra.com


Mainland China | https://mall.jd.com/index-1000155402.html

India | https://info.kaiterra.com/shop-laser-egg-india

Mongolia | http://www.tnc.mn/

Thailand | http://www.eminent.co.th

Sri Lanka | www.colt.lk

Pakistan | Daraz.pk

Nepal | http://cleanairnepal.com 

Vietnam | www.facebook.com/originstech

Singapore | https://negativeairion.com/


United Kingdom | www.amazon.co.uk

Germany | www.amazon.de 

France | www.amazon.fr 

Italy | www.viridianasrl.com/  or  www.amazon.it

Poland | www.oddechtozycie.pl

Rest of Europe | https://shop-europe.kaiterra.com/ 

What if I live outside of these areas?

We deliver to most places around the world! Visit us at our Global Store.

What types of payment do you accept?

For orders on our official website and shop-global.kaiterra.com, we accept PayPal and all major credit cards.

For other orders, payment options vary depending on the vendor. We recommend that you visit their site to confirm.