What is the power requirement for Sensedge Mini?

The Sensedge Mini comes with a USB-C power adapter and includes plugs for Type A, C, E, G, and I, covering most countries around the world. Please make sure that you are using the USB-C cable and Wall Plug Adapter provided with the device in order to properly power the Sensedge Mini.

The Sensedge Mini also has a DC direct wiring option for building installations (12~30V). If you are going to use DC direct wiring, please make sure you have a trained electrician handling any wiring procedures with the device to avoid causing damage to the unit (or yourself!).

The Sensedge Mini also has a POE version that can support Power Over Ethernet. If POE is desired, make sure you have the proper version of the Sensedge Mini (SE-200P), otherwise, the device will not be able to support Power Over Ethernet.