[Video] How to Create a Kiosk View

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0:00 - Introduction
0:17 - How to Create a Kiosk View
0:42 - Air Quality Mode and Virus Risk Mode
0:54 - Single Device Layout, Multiple Device Layout, and Indoor/Outdoor Layout
1:08 - Light Theme and Dark Theme
1:18 - Device Selection, Parameter Selection, and Logo

Below is a text version of the video above! This is for those that prefer a laid-out text walkthrough or would like some clarity on some of the points made throughout the video.

Kiosk View v4The Kiosk View is a great way to display up to 8 of your air quality monitors at once on a larger screen, such as a smart TV or monitor, in order to showcase how good your air quality is to a larger audience.

Kiosk View 3

Name allows you to name your Kiosk View. This will become more important when you start creating additional Kiosk Views for your dashboard.

allows you to choose between 2 different modes:
Air Quality Mode, which focuses on the overall quality of your air
Virus Risk Mode, which focuses on viral transmission risk awareness

Layout allows you to choose between 3 different display modes for your Kiosk View:
Single Device, which is optimal for singular device displays
Multiple Devices, which is optimal for showing up to 8 devices on 1 screen
Indoor + Outdoor, which allows for a comparison between your indoor devices and a public outdoor station

Kiosk View 4
Theme allows you to choose between Light Mode and Dark Mode for your Kiosk View
Once you have chosen your settings, you can select up to 8 devices for your Kiosk View.

Kiosk View 5
You can also choose the parameters you wish to display on your Kiosk view and you can even add a Logo, in case you want to add a bit of personal branding.

Kiosk View 2