How to update the firmware on your Sensedge Mini

The current firmware version for the Sensedge Mini is 2.4.5 (May 2023). Use this article to understand how to update your device's firmware version.

The Sensedge Mini requires an Internet connection in order to update its firmware version. This happens in a couple of different ways:

  • When the device first establishes a successful connection to the Internet, it will search our firmware server for any available downloads. If one is available, it will download that firmware version and then install it shortly after. Once the device installs that firmware version, the device will restart.
    • This is why, when you first set up your Sensedge Mini, you might see the device initially connect online, but restarts itself shortly after. It is likely that your Sensedge Mini will not arrive with the latest firmware already installed (as we update these regularly), so having your device install a new firmware is pretty common on the first setup/installation.
  • When the device is connected online, it regularly checks our servers for available updates, which means that as long as your device is constantly connected to the Internet, it will automatically install and update its firmware version when a new version is available.