What is the RESET® Viral Index?

The RESET® Viral Index calculates the potential for infection, based on the indoor air quality metrics that can be controlled by a building's or indoor space's air system, and expresses it in one number.

For the Kaiterra Web App, the RESET® Viral Index can be found in three places:

RESET Viral Index v2
Under the "More Details" page of any Kaiterra enterprise device, the RESET® Viral Index is included as a composite metric, letting you know the likelihood of airborne virus transmission.

Kiosk View Virus (Light)The RESET® Viral Index can also be found as a composite metric on the Kiosk View.

Kiosk View Virus Mode (Dark)There is also a "Virus Risk Mode" version of the Kiosk View, which allows you to focus on viral transmission risk awareness. This mode can also display the RESET® Viral Index as a composite metric on the sidebar.

RESET Viral Index AlertYou can also set the RESET® Viral Index as an alert for the Kaiterra Web App, letting you know when the composite metric has gone above or below a certain threshold for your devices.

For more information on the RESET® Viral Index, please refer to their resource page.