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Manage Your Kiosk View

This article summarizes how to manage your "Kiosk View" pages on the Kaiterra Web App Dashboard

Kiosk View v4The Kiosk View is a great way to display up to 8 of your air quality monitors at once on a larger screen, such as a smart TV or monitor, in order to showcase how good your air quality is to a larger audience.

Kiosk View - Name and ModeName allows you to name your Kiosk View. This will become more important when you start creating additional Kiosk Views in the Web App.

allows you to choose between 2 different modes:

  • Air Quality Mode, which focuses on the overall quality of your air
  • Virus Risk Mode, which focuses on viral transmission risk awareness

Kiosk View - Layout and ThemeLayout allows you to choose between 3 different display modes for your Kiosk View:

  • Single Device, which is optimal for singular device displays
  • Multiple Devices, which is optimal for showing up to 8 devices on 1 screen
  • Indoor + Outdoor, which allows for a comparison between your indoor devices and a public outdoor station

Theme allows you to choose between Light Mode and Dark Mode for your Kiosk View.

Kiosk View - Devices and Carousel Mode
Devices allow you to select up to 8 devices for your Kiosk View.

For the single-device layout, "Carousel Mode" is an option that allows you to cycle between multiple devices as a slideshow. An example of how this looks is at the end of this article.

Kiosk View - ParametersYou can also choose the parameters you wish to display on your Kiosk view.

Kiosk View gif (720p)

Once you click "Create", a public URL will be generated for your Kiosk View. That URL can be shared or opened up on any internet-enabled device -- such as a Smart TV or computer monitor -- to put your air quality on full display.