Discontinuation Announcement for the Laser Egg Series

The Laser Egg Series will be available at our distribution channels while supplies last.

In an effort to deliver effective air quality monitoring solutions and further our mission of helping companies improve their built environment and lower carbon emissions, we have discontinued the Laser Egg Series, effective from August 20, 2022

The discontinued products include:

  • Laser Egg (LE-200)
  • Laser Egg+ Chemical (LE-201)
  • Laser Egg+ CO2 (LE-202)

If you are an existing customer of these products, you can continue to use the products, but no further updates or upgrades will be available going forward. For further information on our customer support policy, please read the “Customer Support Policy: After Discontinuation” section below.

The products listed above may still be available through various distribution channels while supplies last. We are unable to provide a list of these channels and the availability of these products.

We appreciate and value our clients and look forward to your continued interest in our products. For those interested in improving the built environment through data analytics, measurement parameters, and building automation capabilities, you can learn more about our enterprise products, the Sensedge and Sensedge Mini

Customer Support Policy: After Discontinuation

Full support, with a valid warranty 

The Laser Egg series products are sold with a standard one-year warranty. If your warranty is still valid, you can access full customer support, according to the warranty or support terms, which includes technical support via online forms, as well as product replacements as needed.

This will also apply to Laser Egg series products that successfully applied for an Extended Warranty prior to August 20, 2022. Products after August 20, 2022 can no longer apply for an extended warranty.

Limited support, with an expired warranty 

Once your hardware warranty expires, you can continue to access our online support materials, including product manuals, how-to articles, and troubleshooting tips. Out-of-warranty replacement or repair will be discontinued.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can click here to create a ticket to reach our customer support team.