How do I change the sensors for the Sensedge Mini?

The sensors of the Sensedge Mini can easily be changed by replacing the sensor modules.

To replace a sensor module, remove the front cover of the Sensedge Mini. Gently pull the tab on the sensor module outward, and remove the module from the bay. Make sure to pull at a 90-degree angle (aka. directly away from the device) to avoid damaging the device.

To insert a new sensor module, align it with the bay and press it in gently, ensuring the Kaiterra logo on the plastic tab is facing outwards and the copper connector points should face upwards, toward the connector pins inside the device. When inserted correctly, the module will click into place, and, if the device is powered on, an LED light above the bay will briefly flash red.

Sensors may be inserted in either sensor bay, and in any order. They may also be swapped when the Sensedge Mini is powered on or when the device is turned off.

*Note: the CO2 sensor is built into the core of the device, which is not replaceable by changing the sensor modules. However, the CO2 sensor uses Automatic Baseline Correction in order to maintain its accuracy, which means it does not need regular maintenance or replacement.