How to Set up Your Building Data Model

The Building Data Model seamlessly integrates contextual data – such as floor number, space type, and capacity – into your IAQ analytics.

With the Building Data Model, you can:

  • Add more spatial context to your IAQ data, leading to better insights
  • Map your Integrated Workplace Management System’s (IWMS) space IDs with Kaiterra’s IAQ data
  • Map your IAQ data to other IOT sensors, and
  • Track and manage your IAQ devices with ease

Creating a new building with the Building Data Model

If you are creating a new building: 

  • You will be asked to define the number of floors, address, and building type
  • Then, you can start creating spaces (ie. meeting rooms, conference rooms, lounges, etc.) and assign them to specific floors
  • Afterward, you can “Add Devices” to those spaces – giving you a much better understanding of their installed environment

Update an existing building with the Building Data Model

BH Add SpaceIf you have an existing building, you will need to update your devices by creating new spaces for them to live in.

Under "Create Space", fill out the requested information as best as you can. The more information you can provide, the more analytics Kaiterra can develop.

Once all your devices have been assigned a space, you can click on your building in the Buildings & Spaces tab and see the new reports and analytics enabled by the Building Data Model. 

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Bulk Creating or Updating the Building Data Model

An alternate way to update all your existing devices is to fill out a spreadsheet with all your device information (including the new building/space information). 

Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.