Analyze - "Time Within Targets" and "Trends" Analytics

This article summarizes the "Time Within Targets" and "Trends" Analytical tools, available on the Kaiterra Web App Dashboard

Time Within Targets

Time Within Targets is a summary overview that takes all of your data points and summarizes them into a percentage-based reading (based on your building's operating hours).
In other words: instead of having to scour through millions of data points, you will have a % showing how long your building has been within healthy building standards.

This analytics tool also allows for a quick "drill down" into your data to pinpoint problem areas within your building. Within seconds, you can find out which area is causing problems, at what times, and you can now look to make positive changes to the space.

Trends GraphTrends is a time-series graph that allows you to spot behavioral trends in your air quality data. This analytic report helps you

  • See the overall performance of your building, while also
  • Pinpointing what pollutants/analytes are impacting your building's performance

Once you pinpoint the issues and make improvements to them, you can come back to the Trends page and see if those improvements have made a difference.

(in the example screenshot above, we can see that there was a huge improvement in the overall Air Quality following the week of May 20th)

Depending on your subscription status, you may have fewer features than what is shown throughout this article.
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