What should I do when TVOC levels are high?

If you are getting unusually high TVOC readings, try restarting your Laser Egg, making sure the TVOC sensor warms up properly.

If you are noticing consistently high TVOC readings, there might be something in your home that is emitting these compounds. Some easy and quick solutions to reducing TVOC exposure are:

  • Remove or eliminate the source of TVOC. Common sources include household cleaning products, tobacco smoke, aerosol sprays, and paints.
  • Avoid smoking indoors. Tobacco smoke contains benzene -  a carcinogenic TVOC. 
  • Increase ventilation around your home. Turn on a fan or an exhaust fan, open windows and doors, and bring in fresh outdoor air.
  • Follow instruction labels. If a product is recommended to use in a well-ventilated area, use the product outside or near an exhaust fan. When in doubt, take it outside.

Read more here for a full list of common household TVOC sources, as well as additional steps to reduce your exposure.