How to adjust settings on your Laser Egg

You can fully control your Laser Egg’s settings via your Kaiterra app, including:

  • Choosing the AQI - Select your preferred AQI based on your region. US, China, and India currently available
  • Selecting your language: English, and Chinese
  • Adjusting your screen's brightness - Drag the slider to the left and right
  • Customizing the Display Screen - Turn on/off displays and zoomed view (for better far-sight readings)

To change your Laser Egg's settings, please use your Kaiterra app.

Please make sure that your Laser Egg is connected to your Kaiterra app via Wi-FI, then follow these steps:

  • Tap your Laser Egg from the home screen of your Kaiterra app
  • Tap the Settings or gear icon in the upper right corner for your screen
  • Adjust your settings. The changes will display on your Laser Egg within a few seconds.

If your new settings don’t appear on your Laser Egg, please try restarting the device.